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El punto de encuentro de la cadena agroalimentaria

Periódico Digital El punto de encuentro de la cadena agroalimentaria

PDO Estepa, rigor and exquisite taste

The Designation of Origin Estepa is the most demanding DO when certifying an extra virgin olive oil, with the result that many of its oils have notable national and international distinctions. Its oils come from Estepa and Puente Genil, a region with centuries of experience and the expertise of 4,500 olive-producing families who maintain the tradition of collecting the best olives to make the most exquisite oil.

In DO Estepa, 100% of producers use integrated production methods, a set of environmentally-friendly techniques which ensure food security.

Its virgin oils are known for their fruitiness and wealth of aromas, reminiscent of recently-cut grass, green fruit (almond, apple, banana, etc.), tomato... All of its extra virgin oils have PDO status. Estepa oils have a balance of bitter and spice—essential characteristics of a good product.

DO Estepa currently has six brands (Oleoestepa, Estepa Virgen, Puricon, Hacienda Ípora, Las Valdesas and Duque de la Isla) whose main strategic lines include excellence and internationalization. no se responsabiliza ni se identifica necesariamente con las opiniones expresadas por sus colaboradores, limitándose a convertirse en canal transmisor de las mismas