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El punto de encuentro de la cadena agroalimentaria

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Spanish agri-food products with PDO

There are 166 agri-food products with Protected Designation of Origin status, among them wine, cheese, butter, fresh meat, cold cuts, ham, other meat products, honey, virgin olive oil, rice, condiments and spices, fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish and seafood, bread products, baked goods, confectionery and vinegar.

According to data on food products with PDO and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment and previously released by the PDO and PGI Regulatory Councils and associated entities, the following figures are available for 2011:

Total sales of agri-food products amounted to 1,694,588 tons/pieces/hectoliters among all PDOs.

Sales volume was as follows:

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 25,461 tons

-Rice: 19,204 tons

-Fresh meat: 39,666 tons

-Condiments and spices: 1,367 tons

-Cold cuts: 2,185 tons

-Fruit: 137,987 tons

-Vegetables: 21,852 tons

-Ham: 1,398,738 tons

-Legumes: 826 tons

-Butter: 438 tons

-Honey: 510 tons

-Other meat products: 579 tons

-Bread, baked goods and confectionery: 1,835 tons

-Cheese: 23,344 tons

-Cider: 9,260 tons

-Vinegar: 80,208 tons

Volume sold per product:

Olive oil is the product with the greatest number of DOs (28), followed by cheese (27). The sales volume of legumes and fruit is especially noteworthy. It's also worth highlighting that olive oil is the sector with the greatest number of registered companies: 747.  

Economic value. Domestic and foreign market

In 2011, the domestic market had an economic value of 756.98 million euros and the foreign market 172.49 million euros, for a total of 929.47 million euros.

Breakdown of value by product type. 2011

Cheese represents the greatest economic value, accounting for 23.25% of the total (929.47 million euros). no se responsabiliza ni se identifica necesariamente con las opiniones expresadas por sus colaboradores, limitándose a convertirse en canal transmisor de las mismas