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The Aceites de Oliva website, an experience in itself

The Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español has presented its new campaign, which will be rolled out in Spain through its Aceites de Oliva de España brand. This initiative is supported by Spain's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment and the European Union. The involvement of the various entities has made it possible to organize a series of activities which will provide an updated and broader image of Aceites de Oliva to domestic consumers and international visitors, inviting them to participate in the Experience and discover olive oils' aromas, textures, varieties, and flavors.

The website will track all of the activities and workshops that are organized, highlighting in particular the food carts that deliver the Aceites de Oliva Experience throughout Spain. It will also contain advice, recipes and a guide for learning everything there is to know about olive oil. no se responsabiliza ni se identifica necesariamente con las opiniones expresadas por sus colaboradores, limitándose a convertirse en canal transmisor de las mismas