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Aceituning by Ángel León

Ángel León is one of the chefs who participated in the recently-created Seasoning Guide, along with other renowned names such as Kisko García, Sergio Fernández and Antonio Arrabal. The guide is available on the website and contains ideas from more than 20 chefs from all over Spain for olive marinades using typical ingredients from their respective regions.

Ingredients: Black olives, shallots, chives, balsamic vinegar, squid ink, Fino sherry, olive oil and salt.

Preparation: Mix the squid ink, Fino, vinegar and salt together. Gradually drizzle the olive oil into the bowl while mixing to obtain a mayonnaise-like consistency. Then add the shallot, diced very fine, and the chives. Mix the marinade with the black olives. no se responsabiliza ni se identifica necesariamente con las opiniones expresadas por sus colaboradores, limitándose a convertirse en canal transmisor de las mismas