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miércoles 27 de marzo de 2019

Juices and nectars

TuttiFrutti and TropicMix

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Juver and Rovio (the company that created Angry Birds) have joined forces again with the launch of two new products: TuttiFrutti and TropicMix, both of which are part of the “Fruit + Milk” line of the well-known food company specializing in fruit.

In addition to the four existing options in the range, the company has added two new flavors: TuttiFrutti (with apple, grape and orange juice) and TropicMix (with apple, pineapple, orange and lemon juice), to which skim milk is added to provide nutritional and distinguishing properties.  

The juice boxes are sold in packs of six, each 200 ml with a small straw, which makes them ideal for drinking on the go and especially perfect for kids.

These new drinks, which feature Angry Birds characters Matilda and Red, aim to provide parents with a way to offer their children healthy products they also like. Parents like them because they contain fruit (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and milk (which has calcium, protein, etc.). Kids like them because of the Angry Birds characters and their delicious flavor.

The products are already available in the main hypermarket and supermarket chains in Spain.  

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